There is nothing like leaving on a cruise to have a great time in the warm tropical weather with your friends and family. It is a wonderful experience, as the sun begins to set on that first evening, a beautiful sight to behold! Suddenly, you feel a strange emptiness and you realize that the only lift which might restore your feeling of weakness could be a bit of alcohol to level out that blood sugar level.

Since you are a bit woozy you simply want to sit out on your tiny balcony and share that drink in an intimate setting, with your special someone. You open the little mini bar and BAM! No it is not Emerill cooking something special, but rather a tiny bottle, we refer to where we are from, as a “thimble” of liquor, with a price tag of a whopping seven bucks.

Now we realize why they call it carnival, because everything is an illusion…you are now an escape artist, wishing you had been sneaking booze on a cruise in order to be free from the humility of being “scalped” while still alive.

The “bam” we heard previously, was the sound from a smack on the head, by those invisible “booze-fairies” who manage to stun you just enough to cloud your memory, while they rack up several hundreds of dollars in alcohol costs on your cruise.

Those selfish sippers catch the buzz and you get the headache and the huge bill, days later when hearing those loathsome words, welcome ashore! They are literally hiding all over the ship, guzzling high priced gin, vodka, rum ,and tequila, the list grows longer as their victims pile up faster than the line at the dinner buffets. “We should have been sneaking booze on a cruise instead of packing those three extra pairs of shorts” you think to yourself, as you try to find your land legs along with your behind, which you lost on bourbon and other liquid souvenirs.

It happened to us once, but it never happened again. Realizing that “power is knowledge” and sneakiness is the mother of necessity, we did our homework. We found flasks by a name which is not only appropriate, but very easy to remember, “Rum runner.” These are not just your average “run of the mill” storage containers, these beauties had the word “stealth” in mind, when they were giving birth to that invention.

We found them online and ordered the 32 ounce versions. They also come in 16 and 8 ounce sizes for those smugglers who are “bravery challenged.” Since sneaking booze on a cruise is not a federal crime, and basically nothing more than “frowned upon”, by the same price-gouging pirates, who are eager to capture every coin they can; those of us with a bit of thirst, must stand our ground, proudly, against tyranny.

The flasks have great lids which do not leak. We simply lay a couple of them flat inside our larger suitcases and mix them in with the clothes. They fly right by the x-ray machines and are made of a strong, yet deceptively flexible plastic which looks as if it belongs in our suitcases. We arrive in our cabin as satisfied smugglers and celebrate with an immediate toast.

Don’t be another victim, of those who are unnecessarily thirsty at sea, join us for a drink, from our flasks of freedom.…

Why do You Need Online Marketing?


Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid search results. This is accomplished by looking at what keywords people use when they are searching for a specific subject. Looking at this will give you a better idea of how to structure your website or webpage.Obviously you want your website or webpage to receive a lot of traffic and this is where search engine optimization (SEO) can help.Everyone wants their website or webpage to be unique; unique in design and maybe even unique in name, but to a certain extent you want to stay away from this.

A typical search engine only focuses on the first 150 characters, so you want to make sure you have as many keywords as possible in the title. When you focus on these keywords the search engine will identify you as a relevant website or webpage and search engines like to place the most relevant sites first. This is something to keep in mind if you are selling something on the internet. You have a wonderful product you want to share with the world, so you don’t want your website hiding in the back of the internet. Philadelphia expert, Joseph Stewart  who also consults as an seo expert in Phoenix Arizona, says that people rarely read past the second page of search results so you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you. This is why you need SEO.You can focus on just using keywords, (maybe try searching your topic or product and see what phrases people are most likely to use?) or you can do something called “linking”. This is where you leave a link to your website or webpage on another website.

This way, as traffic comes to your website or webpage, not only do you have a relevant site, but you are also identified as a trustworthy website or webpage. The more traffic you receive on your website, the more the search engine will recognize your website as a place to send internet searchers. This is what any web-designer wants! Having more web traffic is good for business! The more people see your product, the more people buy your product! If you created your website to raise awareness about a medical condition, or perhaps a community project, you want to make sure people are seeing it!

You don’t want your website or webpage to just sit, lost in the back of the internet, you want it out on the first page of search results for everybody to see! Using these SEO tactics can help with that.I do want to encourage you to remember that, just like with everything else, SEO will take time. Don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results, just keep working with it and tweaking it. Nothing of any good ever comes easy right? And nothing ever turns out perfect the first time (not even this article),so don’t look at Search Engine Optimization as a quick fix to web traffic; rather look at it as your friendly ally in your quest to achieve web domination! If you are looking for help check out they are really good at what they do, trust me they helped our eCommerce site.…